The YouElect Action Kit has been especially formulated for those who want to do more than just cross a box on election day.

We need volunteers who can offer their time, talents and energy up to and including Election Day. The Action Kit will provide you with all the guidance, materials and contacts that will help you in mobilising your local community.

There are several key tiers to the national YouElect campaign. We need volunteers and local community organisers to come forward and manage the various elements. All volunteers will be provided with relevant training and material from seasoned and experienced community activists and workers.

If you can spare a few hours for khidma and community endeavour in any or all of the areas listed then please email

Voting in Islam

Much has been said on this issue but the evidence and scholarly opinions are quite clear. For further details please view the following documents:

Voting: An Islamic Perspective

IFE - 'Voting in Islam'

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YouElect Online

This online resource is the most advanced web tool the British Muslim community has for accessing mainstream political information. It is a testament to collective community enterprise, co-operation and mutual support. The initiative aims to use the Internet to the fullest to promote political participation and engagement. You can help raise awareness of the YouElect website in numerous ways:

Email - Send the site link to friends, families and colleagues who may be resident in other constituencies. Friends and supporters with up-to-date e-lists and contacts should forward the site details. Alternatively you can contact the YouElect team to request the specially designed e-template which explains general information about what YouElect has to offer.

Web Banners & YouElect Signature - Put YouElect banners and link on your web site or blog. You could also send the banner to community site web administrators with a request for placement.

Small Square YouElect Banner
Medium YouElect Banner
Tall YouElect Banner

Facebook & Twitter - Social networking is an essential part of the YouElect initiative, follow YouElect on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest Election news and information, press the share button to tell others about the latest YouElect news and initiate discussion on who is saying what and where.

Comments & Guest Posts - You could reference the site, its objectives and campaign through comments on external websites.

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Masajid, Community Organisations & Businesses

YouElect will be contacting Islamic centres, organisations, Islamic societies, businesses and community stakeholders to harness their support and practical assistance. We do however require regional and local contacts to approach their business networks, masajid and other contacts to inform and explain the role that all of us need to play to promote full political participation.

This could include Khutbas, seminars and presentations to encourage participation in the democratic process, whilst conveying the dangers of inaction. YouElect can assist in planning and organizing events and providing information and publicity material.

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YouElect Campaign Literature

Download, attach, publish, email or print the various YouElect promotional material.

A5 leaflet - Front

A5 leaflet - Back

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Organise Hustings

Sounds like something out of a cowboy flick…it is in fact a live, well publicised, public gathering where the invited Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC) are politely questioned about their vision, manifestos and policies. It allows the audience to get a first hand impression of the people who wish to serve and represent them in Parliament. A husting should be organised at least 2 or 3 weeks prior to election day.

YouElect can help you organise a husting, tips on publicity, provide the poster designs and sample questions. Please view our full hustings guide below.

YouElect Hustings Guide

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Text Campaigns

Drop us an email at and we will send you the official 160 character YouElect message that can be texted to friend and colleagues.

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Local Press & Radio Stations

Local press websites, hardcopies, radio phone-ins and appearances are all opportunities to disseminate the message more widely.

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Be Pro-active!

As Election Day approaches it is important to be proactive by checking family, friends and others in your local community have registered to vote. You should canvass their involvement by forming a General Election volunteer group and knocking on doors, putting up flyers and sending reminders via text and social media. As has been demonstrated in the past, local community volunteers and activists can make a difference in turn-out by offering informed advice, assistance and transport on polling day itself.

And For further details on how you can help please email

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