YouElect's Muslim voter survey - Islamophobia & Palestine are top issues
30th April 2010

Press Release

30 April 2010

YouElect conducts biggest Muslim Poll revealing swing towards Lib Dem policies, with greatest concern about policies on Islamophobia and Palestine, a mixed response to party leadership, and above national average voter participation expected

 In the biggest Poll of its kind, 940 Muslims from across Britain took part in an Opinion Poll revealing that 70% of respondents believe the Lib Dems have the fairest policies on domestic issues which concern them the most.

There was also overwhelming support for the Lib Dems on foreign policy, with 74% stating that they believed the Lib Dems would address the issues of foreign policy most fairly. 19% were in favour of Labour on this point, and a mere 5% in favour of the Conservatives.

Despite this support on Lib Dem policies, faith in the leadership of the parties was less pronounced with 43% stating they were not sure which leader would make the most effective Prime Minister. 32% were in favour of Nick Clegg, with 17% and 6% supporting Gordon Brown and David Cameron respectively.

 Domestic policies would ‘very strongly’ influence 37% and ‘strongly’ influence 48% in their voting choice, while foreign policy would ‘very strongly’ influence 53% and ‘strongly’ influence 32%. On the Domestic front, a majority of 38% were most concerned about policies for tackling Islamophobia, with 70% having most Faith in the Lib Dems to tackle it most fairly.

On foreign policy, Palestine was of the greatest concern to pollsters, with an overwhelming 72% stating it concerned them more than all other foreign issues including Afghanistan, Iraq, Iranand Kashmir.

 Other domestic policy issues which concerned the respondents included the economy, which 21% of respondents were most concerned about, education (13%), anti-terror legislation (16%), health (4%), and immigration (3%).

 Of the foreign policy issues, an overwhelming 83% were concerned about conflicts in Muslim majority countries, including Palestine, Afghanistanand Iraq. 8% were concerned about policies related to third world debt and poverty and 2 % was concerned about the EU.

 Other findings included 80% saying they would be voting in the election, a figure much higher than previously thought. Only 7% stated they would not vote.

 The Poll conducted online and through direct contact with respondents in 4 major British cities (London, Leicester, Bradfordand Birmingham). Respondents were randomly selected and the survey was completed between 27th and 29th April, ending before the start of the third Leaders’ Debate. Respondents were drawn from a cross section of the British Muslim community and the male: female ratio of the respondents was 70:30. 60% of the respondents were from the 18 – 34 age bracket, a further 36% were between the ages of 35 – 54 and 3% were over 55. These age ranges reflect a good proportionate representation of British Muslims.  

 These findings reveal a greater awareness about party policies and also, reflect the fact that for many British Muslims domestic issues are equally as important as foreign policy issues. With 85% stating that both of these would influence their voting choices either ‘very strongly’ or ‘strongly’.

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